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Analysing the Numbers

About Us

At S.I.A. Services, we believe that all business owners deserve to understand their company's financials to the fullest extent! 

Great Accounting is an essential part in the strong financial comprehension of any business. Because of this, we make sure to provide you and your company with Bookkeeping and Accounting services held to the utmost standards of Accuracy, Thoroughness and Honesty.

Because we believe we should do everything to take away as much stress from you, the business owner, as possible, we have expanded standard Accounting and Bookkeeping services into CFO-Level Financial Analytics and even Tax Preparation

With S.I.A. Services by your side, you will always get the complete financial picture. You can finally focus on running your business and leave the financials to us! 

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S.I.A. Services

All the Accounting Services you need, all in one place!

Look below to see our list of services in Bookkeeping & Accounting, Financial Analysis, Tax Filing & Preparation and More!

Making Notes

Bookkeeping & Accounting

We take the worry out of Entering financial transactions, Reconciling statements and Maintaining your books so that you can finally focus solely on your day-to-day operations!

QuickBooks Implementation/Integration​

Financial Transaction Entries (Cash or Accrual)

Bank Account Reconciliations

Credit Card Reconciliations

Management of A/P

Management of A/R


Financial Reporting and Analytics

Need a Thorough look into your company's financials? Look no further! With our experience using Microsoft Excel, we'll analyze everything so you get a Complete Financial Picture of your company every time!


General Ledger

Income Statement (Profit and Loss)

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Statement

Charts and Projections:


Income Projection

Expense Budgets



Fixed Assets

Prepaid Expenses


Rent Schedules

Data on a Touch Pad
Making Notes

Tax Filing, Preparation and Other Services

We'll file your Tax Returns, Quarterly Sales Taxes, Extensions, and much, much more!

Filings of Tax Return Forms 1040, 1120 & 990

Record Keeping and Filing

Quarterly Sales Tax Payments

Quarterly Estimated Federal/State Tax Payments

Annual 1099 Reporting for Independent Contractors

Annual W-2 Reporting for Employees

Annual Tax Filing Extensions

Scheduled Meetings with your company's CPA

We are here to provide you and your company with only the best accounting services, based on the utmost standards of Accuracy, Thoroughness and Honesty. Did you know, according to®, the Average Annual Salary for a Bookkeeper with NO EXPERIENCE is $42,924/YEAR?!?

Why pay so much???


And, because we give you options based on what you personally want for your business, your accounting savings can be even more! What are you waiting for? Click here to fill out and submit our Service Form to receive quotes and contract options! We can't wait to work for you!

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We are here for you!

Whether you are a New Client with questions about our services, or an Existing Client needing further assistance on your company file, we are right by your side! Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as we possibly can!

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